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Principal's Message

After-School Enrichment
Thank you for your interest in our after-school enrichment program. We will start our first session on January 17th and will offer session two starting in April. We had a very large amount of students turn in applications on the same day. The response we exciting, but impossible to accommodate considering the amount of students and lack of space. If your child was not selected this time around, we have added them to the waitlist. Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience. We look forward to offering more options in April.

Weekly Family Communication
Eagle News, February 5

School-Level COVID-19 Management Plan

Please see attachment for more info


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Meet the MES Staff
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Public Viewing of Materials

Community Members!
Our district is currently working through the adoption process for math and English Learning materials. Please follow the link below and take a look at what materials are being considered. There is also an opportunity to leave your comments on the provided Google Form. If you'd rather view materials in person, please reference the information pertaining to locations and times. 

Public Viewing of Math and English Learning Materials


State Testing 3rd-8th and 10th Grade

Statewide assessments are scheduled to begin in January/February for high school students and early March for our 3rd - 8th grade students. State assessments give school districts valuable data on academic progress and help serve as indicators for areas in need of improvement.  Please read the attached information regarding state assessments. Information includes how a student can be opted out of testing if this option is needed. 

State Testing Annual Notice
State Testing Opt-Out Form

State Testing Annual Notice (Spanish)
State Testing Opt-Out Form (Spanish)