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Survey: Student Access to Technology & Dedicated Internet

With this statewide school closure in place, we are assessing options for meeting student learning needs k-12.  This is our top priority for all students, and especially for our seniors and their progress toward graduation this spring. Among the options available are online learning scenarios. In order to assess family needs and make effective plans for all students, we are asking parents to complete a survey regarding technology access at home.  The SURVEY is available in English (At Home Technology Access) and Spanish (Access de Tecnología en el Hogar).

Free Educational Websites for Students!

Click on the two images below for more information about great websites for students to practice their skills at home:

Free Educational Websites for Kids 1      Free Educational Websites for Kids 2

 Kindergarten Round Up


If you live within Molalla Elementary boundary and have a child that will be entering kindergarten in the fall please come to Kindergarten Round Up on Friday April 15th 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm. Please bring your child's birth certificate and immunization records with you. If you are unsure of which elementary school your child should be attending please call the office (503-829-4333) and we can let you know.

New this year, all kindergarten families will be completing their registration through the district's new online portal.  During Kindergarten Round Up we will be walking families through this process and will provide other key information.


Student Investment Account Application

Last spring, the passing of the Student Success Act in the Oregon legislature opened up the opportunity to apply for a grant that will generate a significant amount of additional funding for the district to invest in our students’ education.  Read More

Online Verification for Upcoming School Year (2020-21)

In August of 2020, Molalla River School District will implement an online student verification system through ParentVUE.  Read More


Interested in being a field trip chaperone?

Field trip season is just around the corner, and we love it when our MES Eagle moms, dads, family and friends can help chaperone! Interested? Just complete the online training linked here, and a simple background check, and we would be happy to have you along. Please call the school with any questions.



Health Education Newsletters
Read about our Health curriculum: The Great Body Shop
English | Español



State Testing Opt-Out Information

English  |   Español

Every Day Matters!

Hello, and Seasons Greetings, MES families!

Report cards will be coming home in backpacks this week. Along with your student's report card, you will also be receiving the first of what will be monthly attendance snap-shot updates, informing you of where your child's attendance stands for the month prior. These notes will serve the purpose of providing you with an ongoing look at your child's average daily attendance. 
Here are some attendance facts for your to keep in mind as the rest of our school year progresses:
  • MES' school-wide attendance goals for the next three years are:
             - 2019-2020: 90%
             - 2020-2021: 93%
             - 2021-2022: 96%
  • When students' average daily attendance falls below 92%, they are what is considered "chronically absent." This translates to missing 18, or more days of school per year, or missing 10% of the school year.
  • Missing just one school day, arriving tardy, or leaving early on a regular basis has a cumulative impact over time. See the graphic below, or watch this video for more information.
While we understand that due to illness and other normal family events, it is sometimes not possible for your child to be at school, we want to partner with you in a positive way to ensure every MES student attends school as often as possible, and will grow to be successful, contributing members of our society! This means celebrating our shared success, and offering support and assistance whenever possible. If you have any questions, or if there is a way we can better support your child at school, please don't hesitate to call: 503-829-4333.
Thank you for partnering with us, and enjoy your Holiday Season!
Hola y Saludos de la Temporada, Familias de MES!
Los reportes de calificaciones van a ir a casa esta semana. Junto con el reporte de calificaciones de su estudiante, también va a recibir el primero de lo que va a ser  el reporte de asistencia mensual, informando cómo está la asistencia de su hijo(a) del mes anterior.
Estas notas son con el propósito de que usted tenga conocimiento del promedio de su asistencia diaria. 
Aquí hay unos factores de asistencia para que los tenga presente conforme el resto del año progresa: 
  • Las metas de asistencia de MES para los próximos tres años son: 
             - 2019-2020: 90%
             - 2020-2021: 93%
             - 2021-2022: 96%
  • Cuando la asistencia de los estudiantes va debajo del 92%, se les considera "ausencia crónica". Esto se traduce como 18 faltas, o más días de escuela por año o faltando el 10% del año escolar.
  • El faltar un solo dia de escuela, el llegar tarde, o salir temprano de manera regular con el tiempo tiene un impacto acumulativo. Vea la grafica a continuación, o vea el video para mayor información. 
Mientras que entendimos no es posible que a veces, su alumno puede asistir clases, por el salud, or otras cosas familiares, queremos interapoyar para trabajar juntos por el éxito de su niño/a. Como siempre, si tiene preguntas, llámanos en la oficina: 503-829-4333.