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Character Strong Trait of the Month

This month’s focus is Honesty. We will celebrate students who show the ability to be honest throughout the month of February. One way to think about honesty is to be truthful in what you say and do. Practicing honesty helps strengthen relationships in our community.

Principal's Message

Thank you for all of your support during Share the Love! MES donated a total of $900.33 from our movie night. Thank you, families, and thank you to our PTC for organizing the event.

 Family Newsletter, 2/25/24

Attendance Snapshot
MES average daily attendance to date: 90.2%. Every day matters - keep coming to school!

Upcoming Events

March 6: 100th day of school
March 15: No school (Grading day for teachers)
March 18: Trimester 2 report cards available for viewing on ParentVue
March 25-29: No school, Spring Break


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Safe Oregon

Molalla Elementary School is always looking for ways to create a safe learning environment for all students. One of the tools that we utilize is the Safe Oregon Tip Line. This is a resource where school safety threats can be reported. By going to, tips can be submitted via website, phone call, text, email, or mobile app. We encourage any concerns regarding school safety to be submitted using this tool.